How many states in USA

US of America is situated on the continent of North America and is generally a similar size as the whole mainland of Europe. The US is a huge region subdivided into states, regions and islands. The question is how many states in USA? States are the real subdivisions and are given forces and duties by the US Constitution. Washington, D.C has been the federal capital city since 1802. Each U.S. state has its very own capital city, as do a considerable lot of its insular areas. Most states didn’t change their capital city since turning into a state. The U.S. capital Washington D.C. is described in the Constitution and was later built on constitutional law. From Washington D.C. has had an interesting life, rich history and gorgeous monuments. In this article, we will briefly discuss how many states in America?

How many states in USA

Names of States of USA:

So it’s the time to answer how many states in USA? The United States of America has 50 states. Below are the names mentioned:-

1.            Alabama                                

2.            Arizona

3.            Alaska

4.            Arkansas

5.            California

6.            Colorado

7.            Connecticut

8.            Delaware

9.            Florida

10.          Georgia

11.          Hawaii

12.          Idaho

13.          Illinois

14.          Indiana

15.          Iowa

16.          Kansas

17.          Kentucky

18.          Louisiana

19.          Maine

20.          Maryland

21.          Massachusetts

22.          Michigan

23.          Mississippi

24.          Missouri

25.          Montana

26.          Minnesota

27.          Nebraska

28.          Nevada

29.          New Hampshire

30.          New Jersey

31.          New Mexico

32.          New York

33.          North Carolina

34.          North Dakota

35.          Ohio

36.          Oklahoma

37.          Oregon

38.          Pennsylvania

39.          Rhode Island

40.          South Carolina

41.          South Dakota

42.          Tennessee

43.          Texas

44.          Utah

45.          Vermont

46.          Virginia

47.          Washington

48.          West Virginia

49.          Wisconsin

50.          Wyoming

About the States of USA

After knowing about how many states are there is USA you should know about these states also.US has a total of 50 states and also has federal district, minor islands, and five main territories. Out of these 50 states, 48 are connected directly to each other and are contiguous. These 48 states exist in the central region of North America between Mexico and Canada and are bordering states. These states include Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. The 2 special cases are Alaska and Hawaii, these states lie toward the northwest of the landmass and in the mid-Pacific, separately. The Frozen North is the biggest state as far as the territory of US, while California is the most crowded state in the US state with a mammoth population of about 39,536,653 people while the least populous state is Wyoming with only 579,315 people.

Oldest state of US is Delaware in the country, established on December 7, 1787. The youngest state is Hawaii which is established on August 21, 1959. The largest state by area in Alaska with 665,384 square miles area. The smallest state is the state of Rhode Island with a total area of 1,545 square miles only. By population, California is the most populous.

Each State Profile includes

  1. Capital
  2. Population
  3. Median age
  4. Elected officials
  5. History
  6. Economy
  7. Points of interest
  8. Famous natives
  9. Entrance into Union
  10. State map & flag
  11. State motto, symbols, nicknames
  12. Name origins
  13. Largest cities & county
  14. Land area
  15. Counties, forests & parks

Richest and poorest states of USA:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate was 12.3 percent or 39.7 million people in America in 2017. These states have the highest percentages of poverty in the USA: Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia.

America’s wealthiest states according to median household income are Maryland, Alaska, New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, California, Minnesota.

Are there 52 states in the United States?

The question is how many states in USA 50 or 52? Answer to this question is the District of Columbia (DC) is a federal district, is not considered a state. But many lists include DC and Puerto Rico as states. Which makes 52 states and lead to other misconceptions. So we can say that maybe that’s the root of the myth.US flag contains 50 stars which represent each state of US. So from the flag, we can also say there are only 50 states of US and DC or Puerto Rico are not the states of U.S. While some people consider Puerto Rico as the 51st state of USA and D.C as the 52nd state. We hope that you are very clear about how many states in USA after reading this.


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